New to Medicaid?

Having a Medicaid health plan can be different from having a plan through work.

June 30, 2020  

Here are a few basic tips to help you make the most of your plan!

High-quality care

Basic services are covered for members without any cost sharing. Tufts Health RITogether covers all Rhode Island Medicaid benefits and more.

Your plan covers visits to providers and specialists in full. (That includes all COVID-19 testing and treatment.) Your prescriptions also are covered at no cost to you. To learn more about what you might pay, see your Member Handbook.

Help us connect


It’s vital that you let the state and Tufts Health Plan know if you move or change your phone number. This helps ensure that you get the care you need.

Keep your plan


The state may reach out to you once a year to check your eligibility. Look for a notice in the mail. Be sure to respond right away. If you have any questions, please contact HealthSource RI or the state Department of Human Services at 855.840.4774.

Your Member Handbook has more about the plan and how to use it.