Kids Need Their Shots During the Pandemic

Parents listening to public health warnings may be keeping their kids at home as much as possible.

December 30, 2020  

But experts say these shots are a key part of routine preventative care.

“Vaccines help protect kids from certain illnesses,” says Nicole Alexander-Scott, M.D., M.P.H., director, Rhode Island Department of Health. “They also help safeguard our communities from disease outbreaks.”

Kids get many shots during their early years and still need shots as they get older.

“Providers follow a schedule when giving kids shots,” Dr. Alexander-Scott says. “This helps ensure that kids get the right shots at the right time.”

She also says all Rhode Islanders six months and older need a flu shot.

“Getting a flu shot, like other vaccines, not only helps keep kids safe,” Dr. Alexander-Scott says. “It also protects the health of those around them.”