Choose Tufts Health Plan

Rhode Island’s annual plan change opportunity runs now through October 30, 2020.

September 30, 2020  

This is the time each year that Medicaid members can change their health plan. The state will send members a letter letting them know about this process.

You don’t have to take any action if you have Tufts Health RITogether and want to stay with us.

If you have another health plan and want to switch to Tufts Health Plan, choose one of these options:

  • Fill out the plan change request form sent with your letter. Mail it to the state.
  • Visit and download the plan change request form. Fill out the form and mail it to the state.
  • Call HealthSource RI at 855.840.4774. 

You need to mail the form or call HealthSource RI by October 30 to change plans.

Why Members Choose Tufts Health Plan


We cover all Rhode Island Medicaid benefits and more. You can see some of the added services we offer in this video:

We also have a strong network of trusted providers. Walgreens and CVS are in our pharmacy network.

To learn more about Tufts Health RITogether, visit