New Financial Help Options on the MA Health Connector

How the American Rescue Plan (ARP) May Help Tufts Health Direct Members

April 19, 2021  

New subsidies are becoming available that could lower your monthly premium. If you never qualified for financial help in the past, you may now be eligible. And if you already get financial help, you may now get even more support.

How Does It Work?

People at any income level can qualify for tax credits to lower the monthly cost of health plans. These monthly tax credits allow people who enroll through the Health Connector to have plan choices that don't cost more than 8.5 percent of their household income.

The Massachusetts Health Connector is implementing the new provisions between April and June. The increased subsidies are available through 2022.

What Does It Mean for Me?

Here’s how the ARP may affect you and what steps you may need to take to get the financial help you’re eligible for. Keep in mind that you must get your health plan through the Health Connector to qualify.

I already receive financial help
You will likely get more help and pay lower monthly premiums.
You don’t have to do anything. The Health Connector will check your status and will automatically update your monthly bill.

I previously applied but did not qualify for financial help

You may now qualify for help with your monthly premium.
The Health Connector will automatically check your status and update your premium if you qualify. The monthly bill you receive will reflect any changes. You may want to update your application if your circumstances, such as income or family size, have changed.
I don’t get and have never applied for financial help
You may qualify for help with your monthly premium but only if you fill out a Health Connector application for financial assistance.
Take action! First, learn more at the Health Connector. Starting May 1, the Health Connector can evaluate your application based on the new law. If you qualify or are unsure if you qualify, log on to your Health Connector account May 1 or later and fill out an application for financial help. If you qualify, the Health Connector will automatically lower the amount of your monthly premium going forward.
I don’t get financial help and purchased my plan through HSA Insurance
You may qualify for help with your monthly premium, but only if you apply for financial assistance and enroll in a health plan through the Health Connector.
Take these actions starting May 1:

  • First, learn more at the Health Connector.
  • Fill out an application on the Health Connector May 1 or later to see if you qualify. The Health Connector will evaluate your application based on the new law.
  • If you qualify, you can purchase your new plan through the Health Connector during an extended open enrollment period that runs through July 23.

What Is the American Rescue Plan (ARP)?

These changes are happening as part of the ARP, which was signed into law in March 2021. The ARP increases financial support available to help pay for insurance through the Affordable Care Act by reducing the highest amount people have to pay for their health plan.

Previously, the highest amount people had to pay for their monthly premiums was 9.83 percent of their household income. The ARP lowers that cap to 8.5 percent.

Visit the Health Connector to learn about your financial help options and apply.