Choosing a Your Choice Provider or Hospital

Hospitals and their tiers.

We’ve grouped every hospital in the area into tiers. Like our physicians, a hospital’s tier is not based entirely on quality. Though every hospital meets our high standards, our tiers are also based on cost-efficiency and physician group affiliation.

Need help finding a doctor or other provider?

If you need a physician, we can help you find one. Or if you already have one, that’s fine, too. Take a look at our provider directory and either choose a physician, or find your current doctor. If you’re looking for the most cost-effective doctor with the least out-of-pocket costs, choose a Tier 1 doctor. Remember, every provider meets our high standards of quality. The tiers are based primarily on cost-effectiveness. But life is about choices, so be sure to choose the doctor that meets your needs.

Your Choice 3-Tier Provider Search

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