Family support and training (FS&T)

Family support and training (FS&T) are services that parent(s) or caregiver(s) of a child or teen under the age of 21 can get where they live to help them provide the emotional and behavioral health support and care the child or teen needs.

Services for a parent/caregiver may include:

  • Education, coaching, and training
  • Assistance with child-serving systems (e.g., Departments of Children and Families, Mental Health, and Youth Services)
  • Help finding peer/parent support and self-help groups
  • Help identifying formal and community resources (e.g., after-school programs, food assistance, and summer camps)

How to get FS&T

FS&T services are hub dependent, meaning they require referral from a clinical-hub provider — an outpatient, in-home therapy, or intensive care coordination provider — who coordinates the child or teen’s care and works together with other service providers.

With a clinical hub in place, the FS&T provider can call one of our behavioral health care managers at 888.257.1985 (TTY: 711), for FS&T services authorization.

To find an FS&T provider in your area, please see our Family support and training (FS&T) provider guide.

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