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Tufts Health Together

With Tufts Health Together, our MassHealth plan, you get all the benefits of MassHealth, including:

  • Visits to doctors and specialists
  • Prescription drugs for kids ($1 to $3.65* copayment for ages 21 and over)
  • Over-the-counter drugs for kids with a doctor’s prescription ($1 to $3.65* copayment for members age 21 and over)
  • Eye exams and eyeglasses**
  • PLUS Tufts Health Together EXTRAS and services

For complete information, download the Covered Services List (PDF) and Tufts Health Together Member Handbook (PDF).

* Pharmacy copayments for covered generic, preferred brand-name and select over-the-counter drugs are $3.65. Generic drugs for diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol have a $1 copayment.

** MassHealth covers eyeglasses for MassHealth-eligible members. You can choose from MassHealth's selection of eyeglasses.


Learn more about which drugs are covered and how much you'll pay for a drug by checking the Preferred Drug List (PDL).


Stay informed. Stay healthy.

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