What kind of costs do I have?

Tufts Health Direct offers ten plan levels. Each plan level has the same comprehensive benefits but different cost-sharing structures and premiums.

Your costs are based on which Tufts Health Direct plan level you have. Not sure about your plan level? Check your member ID card, on the top right-hand corner.

Key costs

You pay co-payments or co-insurance when you receive certain covered services.

You may pay a monthly premium, which is an amount based on your age, residence, plan level, and coverage type (e.g., individual, family).

Depending on your plan level, you may have an annual deductible, which is an amount you need to pay each benefit year before we will cover certain services. Some plans may also have an annual pharmacy deductible, or an amount you need to pay each benefit year specifically for prescription drugs before we will cover certain pharmacy costs.

You have annual medical and pharmacy out-of-pocket maximums, which refer to the most you will be required to pay toward the cost of covered services in a plan year.

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For more information about your benefits and costs, check your Tufts Health Direct Member Handbook 2018 (PDF) or call us at 888.257.1985. We're happy to help.
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