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Lifespan Premier Choice HMO

Tufts Health Plan has teamed up with Lifespan, Rhode Island’s first and premier health system, to give you a comprehensive and integrated health plan that provides top quality care for Rhode Island residents.

Not all plans work the same way. This website will explain how the Lifespan Premier Choice HMO plan, a tiered plan, works. Please read this carefully to better understand how to navigate your plan.

You can also visit, our secure member website, to create an account, learn about your specific plan benefits, and manage your plan. And be sure to read your Benefit Document, available at, to see a complete list of your specific plan’s covered and non-covered benefits.

Two tiers. Premier quality.

Lifespan Premier Choice opens up possibilities for you with two levels of in-network care. You pay different levels of copayments, coinsurance, and/or deductible for covered services delivered by Tier 1 and Tier 2 providers.

Lifespan Premier Choice offers high-value benefits and access to premier quality care through the Lifespan health system, made up of more than 1,800 doctors and providers, on Tier 1. You have access to the entire Tufts Health Plan network on Tier 2, but have higher costs. So, you are covered to see any Tufts Health Plan network provider, but staying within the Lifespan health system provides you top quality at a lower cost.

It gets better.

Maternity and newborn services are covered at the Tier 1 level, regardless of which hospital you choose within the Tufts Health Plan network. This includes routine and non-routine pregnancy and deliveries, diagnostic imaging, and inpatient newborn services.

For plans that include behavioral health services and treatments, these services are also covered at the Tier 1 level when you receive authorization. You can access any facility in the Tufts Health Plan network. We have comprehensive programs and a network of professionals ready to help behavioral health issues such as autism, substance use disorders, psychological and/ or neurological issues.

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