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HEALTHPact Plan Overview

With Tufts Health Plan’s HEALTHPact, members are covered by a unique health insurance plan. HEALTHPact provides comprehensive coverage including preventive care, office visits, prescriptions and more. HEALTHPact has two levels of benefits: Basic and Advantage. Both levels cover the same services, but the Advantage level has much lower out-of-pocket expenses. 

To qualify for Advantage-level benefits, members must commit to specific ongoing enrollment requirements, and adopt the 5 HEALTHPact Principles:

  1. Select a Primary Care Provider (PCP) 
  2. Complete a Health Risk Appraisal Form (not required for adolescent members)
  3. Pledge to maintain or achieve a healthy weight
  4. Pledge to stay smoke-free or participate in smoking cessation programs
  5. Participate in disease management programs as appropriate 

Members who do not meet ongoing eligibility requirements will automatically be enrolled in the Basic level benefit plan.

With HEALTHPact, members work with their PCP to get healthy and stay healthy, and are rewarded with lower out-of-pocket costs. 

In addition to covered benefits, this plan offers great savings on a wide variety of health products, services, and treatments—from fitness club memberships to acupuncture and massage therapy to wellness programs. 

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