About Your Advantage PPO Plan

Tufts Health Plan's Advantage Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) plan covers preventive and medically necessary health care services and supplies.
  • You have the freedom to see any doctor that you choose. Receive covered health care services from most licensed providers in or out of the Tufts Health Plan network.
  • In-network, routine care, like annual physicals, preventive testing, and immunizations, is covered 100%. Your plan is designed to encourage routine care that helps keeps you healthy.
  • Your plan has a deductible—an amount of money that you pay before your health plan will begin paying for most of your health care services. You will have to pay for any health services you receive—including office visits for in-network non-routine care and hospital charges within or outside of the Tufts Health Plan network—out of your own pocket until you have met your yearly deductible. Once you meet your plan’s deductible, the health plan starts paying for all covered services.
  • Your plan also has coinsurance for out-of-network services (and may also have a separate deductible). If you seek care outside the Tufts Health Plan network, you will pay your deductible first, then a percentage of the charges, up to your out-of-pocket maximum.
You can find out the amount of your plan’s deductible and what services require a copayment by logging in to your secure online account.
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