Save a Loved One's Life

All Massachusetts hospitals are required by law to establish “Rapid Response Methods” (RRMs). These RRMs, often called Rapid Response Teams (RRTs), can be activated by staff, patients or family members to bring a trained individual or team immediately to a patient’s bedside if the patient’s condition appears to be deteriorating. If you or a loved one is in the hospital, it is important that you ask a nurse about the hospital’s RRM and how to activate it if you feel immediate attention is required. Some signs that a patient’s condition may be dangerously deteriorating include noticeable and sustained changes in breathing rate, heart rate or pulse, or blood pressure. Also if the patient appears to be confused, or if something just seems not right, the RRM can be activated. You can help save a life.

Help Make a Difference at Your Hospital

All Massachusetts hospitals are required by law to create Patient and Family Advisory Councils (PFACs). PFACs consist of current and former patients and family members who help advise the hospital on policies and initiatives. For example, PFAC members may work to improve patient education materials or may bring their voices to efforts to improve the quality of care at the hospital. Contact your hospital to learn more about its PFAC and how you can join.

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