Maternity Care Program

Preparing for pregnancy and childbirth

Whether you're expecting now or planning to start a family, you want to know your health plan is there to help take care of things. We know that easy access to benefits and coverage is important to growing families.

Learn what you can do to prepare for a healthy pregnancy

Enroll in our Maternity Care Program

Soon after learning, "You're pregnant!", send or fax us your completed Prenatal Questionnaire PDF to enroll in the Maternity Care program.

Program and coverage benefits

Once you've enrolled in our program you'll receive in the mail our Prenatal Care Guidebook PDF , which contains just about everything you could ever think of about a healthy pregnancy, delivery, and the exciting time that follows. 

  • Steps toward a healthy pregnancy
  • Visiting your prenatal care provider
  • Are you at risk for pre-term labor?
  • Signs of labor
  • Your hospital stay
  • Breast feeding or bottle feeding

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