Health Coaching

Support to reach your wellness goals

Reaching a wellness goal may seem out of reach at times, even with the best of intentions. Tufts Health Plan Health Coaches can support, educate, and motivate you to help you achieve a wide range of health goals. During one-on-one telephonic coaching sessions, your Health Coach will help you adopt a healthy lifestyle, at no additional cost.1

Coaching You to Better Health if You Need Help With:

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Controlling blood pressure

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Smoking cessation

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Managing weight and eating healthier

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Reducing stress and finding life balance

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Increasing physical activity

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Dealing with back pain

Programs are tailored just for you and will help you identify barriers to achieving wellness, work with you to set realistic personal health goals and monitor your progress! 

  1. Please note: Health Coaching is available to members 18 years of age and older. Program eligibility and benefits may vary by employer, plan and state. Health coaching is not available for Medicare Enhance or Medicare Supplement members.