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A New Year, Tobacco Free

Pivot for Tufts Health Plan offers digital approach to smoking cessation

The new year is a great time to make changes for a healthier and happier lifestyle, a theme throughout this winter edition of Well.

To support commercial members1 looking to reduce their tobacco consumption, Tufts Health Plan has collaborated with the Pivot smoking cessation program. Pivot for Tufts Health Plan offers eligible members a personalized, app-based approach to reduce smoking gradually, instead of quitting “cold turkey.”

Pivot for Tufts Health Plan differs from traditional smoking cessation programs by allowing participating members to set their own goals and pace, with no pressure to quit smoking or set a quit date.

By signing up, members get access to virtual, human coaching and immersive in-app games and activities. Participating members can also track their progress with Pivot’s innovative mobile breath sensor, which measures the carbon monoxide level in their lungs.

Tufts Health Plan selected Carrot Inc., the digital health firm behind Pivot, because of its unique approach to smoking cessation that blends mobile technology with behavioral science and clinical expertise. This online tool further complements the existing smoking cessation resources and programs offered by Tufts Health Plan.

  1. For fully-insured Tufts Health Plan Commercial members only, excluding Tufts Health Direct. Space is limited and a brief screening determines eligibility. Participation is not guaranteed.
  2. Must be 18 or older and enrolled in medical coverage under Tufts Health Plan. No additional cost applies to participating members. Space is limited, and a brief screening determines eligibility. Participation is not guaranteed. As always, you are welcome to continue to seek the care and support of any of your current health care providers within the Tufts Health Plan network. This new program is an additional service offered to eligible Tufts Health Plan members; your participation is voluntary.