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Tried Telehealth? Talk to a Doctor From Home

We want to make you aware of an important update to your coverage

During the COVID-19 pandemic, many doctors and other health care providers are offering “virtual appointments” as a way to safely deliver care for non-emergency conditions. With virtual care (or telehealth), the provider connects with you using digital information and communications technology, such as computers and mobile devices, to provide treatment remotely. This way you can receive care right from home without any need to go to a provider’s office.

We encourage you to take advantage of telehealth services, but want to make sure you are aware of an important, recent update to coverage:

  • As we have previously communicated, effective for dates of service on or after January 1, 2021, plans returned to their standard benefit levels and any applicable member copays or other cost share will be applied to all non-COVID telehealth services, with the exception of primary care and behavioral health telemedicine services for members of commercial Rhode Island-issued plans, and for some self-insured employers who have chosen to extend this benefit.
  • Member cost share will continue to be waived for COVID-related, in-network, medically necessary services. A COVID-19 diagnosis must be submitted with the claim for the waived cost share to continue to apply.

Telehealth by Teladoc® will continue to have no cost share

For members with access to Telehealth Virtual Care provided by Teladoc, there is no change to the above policy and telehealth visits through Teladoc will continue to have no cost share.1 This includes non-COVID-19 related general medicine, behavioral health and dermatology.

When you or your family needs non-emergency care now, use Teladoc to talk to a doctor 24/7 by web, app or phone. Get treatment for everyday care concerns like upper respiratory infection, colds and flu, allergies, pink eye and more. Plus:

  • Schedule visits with a dermatologist for skin conditions like skin rash or infection, eczema, acne and more.
  • Schedule sessions with a licensed therapist (including psychiatrists, psychologists, and social workers) for behavioral health conditions like anxiety, depression and addiction.

Coming soon! Use our mobile app for direct access to Telehealth by Teladoc®

With the tap of a button, you’ll soon be able to connect directly from our mobile app to Telehealth Virtual Care Provided by Teladoc®. It will be an easier way to request phone or video visits with U.S. board-certified doctors 24/7 for everyday care services, confidential therapy, or dermatology — at no cost.1

If you haven’t used our app or Teladoc, getting started will be simple!

  • Download the free Tufts Health Plan mobile app on your phone
  • Use your Tufts Health Plan member ID number to activate your secure account
  • Tap “Telehealth by Teladoc” on the app and set up your Teladoc account if you’re not registered yet

About Our Mobile App

  1. For all Fully Insured commercial members (excluding Tufts Health Direct) and members of Self-Insured groups that did not opt out; cost share may apply to some Self-Insured groups. If you’re not sure whether your plan includes Telehealth by Teladoc, please ask your employer.