Bring the Yoga Class to You 

Introducing Ompractice

The benefits of yoga stretch from increased flexibility and muscle strength to relaxation and stress reduction.

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced yogi, getting to a yoga studio can be challenging or less preferable than the comfort of your home. 

Tufts Health Plan has collaborated with Ompractice to bring the yoga class to you, wherever you are

Ompractice is a platform that delivers live, interactive, online yoga and meditation classes. Using two-way video via laptop or phone, Ompractice allows members to participate in live classes with instruction and direction from a yoga teacher, bringing the support, personal interaction and accountability of a studio session wherever you are. 

As part of Tufts Health Plan's ongoing efforts to provide its members with innovative, high-quality health care benefits and services, Tufts Health Plan commercial members1 can access Ompractice classes at a discounted rate.  

  1. Excluding Tufts Health Direct members