Members Report Over 99% Satisfaction with Care Management

Programs are making “all the difference”

Member survey results show our Care Management programs are making “all the difference” in people’s lives. Nearly 400 Commercial members who responded to the survey after successfully completing one of the programs between January and October 2019 reported an overall satisfaction rating of 99.47%.

Care Management programs help members with chronic illnesses, short-term conditions like high-risk pregnancy, complex conditions such as cancer and multiple sclerosis, and more. The programs support the care prescribed by the doctor, and are available at no cost to the member.

“This has made all the difference in my struggle to regain my health,” said the member of one of the programs

“It was nice to have someone make sure I stayed on track with questions for the doctor on treatment,” said another member. “It was also nice to have someone to be able to ask questions after leaving the doctor’s office.”

How the ratings break down

Besides asking for comments on the programs or suggestions for improving them, the survey also has six questions. Our goal was to achieve at least 90% satisfaction on all six of them.

  • Overall member satisfaction with care management programs: 99.47% (goal met)
  • Overall usefulness of programs: 99.21% (goal met)

Questions 3-6 are Yes/No questions about treatment, goals, and decisions after program completion. All of these questions met the goal of 90%.

  • 99.7% felt their Care Manager explained their care and treatment in words they were able to understand.
  • 99.7% felt they were able to achieve the health care goals they agreed to with their Care Manager.
  • 99.2% felt they were encouraged to participate in decisions and plans about their care.
  • 98.9% felt they received enough information to make decisions about their care.