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Make Cooking from Home Easier

Save 25% on The Dinner Daily

During these trying times, we’re here to help you and your family eat nutritious home-cooked meals and help reduce your stress levels.

That’s why we offer savings on The Dinner Daily, a program that provides quick and easy weekly dinner menus, a shopping list and coupons, linked to the weekly specials at your selected grocery store.

  • Stay at home and order online.
  • The program has one-click ordering with Peapod®.
  • Eat healthy meals and minimize planning time.

Tufts Health Plan members receive 25-percent off and a two-week free trial when they sign up. Just go to www.thedinnerdaily.com/thp and use CODE THP25.

The Dinner Daily is not the only program that offers you special member perks and discounts. Check out these other ways to help reach your healthy eating goals – and save.