Access a Dermatologist with Just One Click

From home or while traveling

“We’ve heard from our members that they want more access and that it can take up to two months to get an initial appointment with a dermatologist in the Greater Boston area,” said Jim Gallagher, vice president, marketing and product strategy for commercial products. “Adding dermatology to our telehealth solution so that our members can get care where they want, and when they want, is part of our overall goal of creating an experience that is simpler and less stressful.”

We’ve added dermatology to our telehealth solution, providing you with access to a doctor, behavioral health therapist, or dermatologist 24-hours a day, seven days a week by web, phone, or mobile app— whether it be from the comfort of your home or while traveling.

To access the telehealth solution, you can download the Teladoc® app on your mobile device to access a licensed provider to treat non-emergency general medical conditions, including cold and flu symptoms, allergies, sinus infections, sore throats, dermatology services and more. Members can also schedule a video appointment seven days a week to talk to a psychiatrist or psychologist for support with anxiety, depression and other behavioral health issues.

Note: Our telehealth solution is available to members of fully-insured employer groups; it is also available to members who are part of a self-funded employer group that has purchased this optional benefit. Check with your employer to see if telehealth is covered by your health plan.

Convenient and less expensive

“These visits are not only convenient, they are far less expensive and can save hundreds of dollars over emergency department visits for non emergencies,” said Gallagher. “We see a real value in this technology for our members, while addressing wait times and lack of access.”

Visits with a board-certified Teladoc doctor cost $45 or less. (If you have a Saver plan, the cost of a telehealth visit is subject to the deductible.)

We launched our telehealth solution in 2018. Many members have already accessed the tool, and have been pleased with its convenience and simplicity.

It was GREAT!!!  I did it at home at 8 p.m. in my jammies! The app is super easy. The doctor asked me about all my symptoms, prescribed me an antibiotic and some home remedies to do as well, and that was it. Less than 10 minutes, which was awesome, and the script was at my CVS in the morning. I am definitely going to use it again if I am sick or need non-emergency help! I am definitely going to tell other employees about it. I am nothing but happy with it! -Heather A., a member from Rhode Island