Telehealth Helps Address Shortage of Behavioral Health Providers

Connect with a provider from the comfort of your home

woman at home looking at phone

More people are seeking mental health treatment, but there aren’t enough psychiatrists to meet the demand.1

“The United States is suffering from a dramatic shortage of psychiatrists and other mental health providers,” reports the AAMC News (Association of American Medical Colleges.) “And the shortfall is particularly dire in rural regions, many urban neighborhoods, and community mental health centers that often treat the most severe mental illnesses.”

The good news is that telehealth from Tufts Health Plan is helping to fill the gap for our adult members.2 Powered by Teladoc,® our telehealth solution is a convenient, affordable way to access quality care for behavioral health services by web, phone3 or mobile app seven days a week. You can connect with a board-certified psychiatrist or therapist from the comfort of your home, or wherever you happen to be. (General medical and dermatology services are also available through telehealth.)

You can even get a prescription sent to your local pharmacy, when medically necessary.

Simply register for telehealth from Tufts Health Plan with your complete medical history. Then you can get treatment for behavioral health, general medical or dermatology services whenever you need it.

  • Behavioral Health: schedule a video appointment seven days a week for support with anxiety, depression and other behavioral health issues.
  • General Medical: talk to a Teladoc doctor by web, phone, or mobile app in less than 10 minutes4 to treat nonemergency, general medical conditions, including: cold and flu symptoms, allergies, sinus infections, sore throats and more.
  • Dermatology: contact a dermatologist through the web or mobile app for complex or ongoing skin conditions, such as infections, psoriasis, eczema, and acne. Teladoc dermatologists will respond with a treatment plan within two business days, which is much faster than the average 52-day wait time to see a dermatologist.5
  • Teladoc visits for behavioral health, general medical or dermatology services are the same cost as a PCP visit.6
  1. AAMC News (Association of American Medical Colleges), Feb. 13, 2018.
  2. Telehealth by Teladoc is available to all fully insured commercial plan members. Self-insured commercial groups need to opt in to the program. Self-insured members should check with their employer to see if telehealth is covered by their plan. Not available to Tufts Health Direct plan members.
  3. Phone access is only available for general medical and behavioral health visits.
  4. For general medical visits.
  5. Average wait time for new dermatology patients in Boston, according to Merritt Hawkins’ 2017 Survey of Physician Appointment Wait Times.
  6. The cost of a telehealth visit is subject to the deductible on Saver plans. After your deductible is met, visits are covered in full or the same cost as your PCP visit. Check your benefits for details. The costs for telehealth visits are as follows: general medical care with a physician—$45; behavioral health session with a non-MD (therapist or psychologist)—$90; behavioral health evaluation with a psychiatrist—$200; ongoing behavioral health sessions with a psychiatrist—$99; consult with a dermatologist—$75.