Access to Quality Care is Part of Our Plan

We work hard to provide quality health care coverage for our members

Each year, we make a Quality Improvement Workplan to help us succeed. The plan is a set of goals and programs we believe will help the most members.

To make our plan, we look at:

  • Members’ concerns
  • Medical and claims information
  • Feedback we get from members and doctors
  • Information about our members’ health

The 2021 Quality Improvement Workplan focuses on topics including:

  • Improving member service and satisfaction and increasing member understanding of how their plan works.
  • Improving the Cultural and Linguistic needs of Tufts Health Plan’s membership
  • Encouraging and Supporting Continuity and Coordination Between Medical Care and Behavioral Health Care

To learn more about the 2021 Quality Improvement Workplan and the progress we’re making toward reaching our goals, call a member service representative at the number on your member ID card.