The CARE Act

Expanding treatment for people who suffer from opioid addiction

February 11, 2019  

Massachusetts recently passed the CARE Act, An Act for Prevention and Access to Appropriate Care and Treatment of Addiction, which expands treatment for people who suffer from opioid addiction.

Members of our commercial fully-insured plans in Massachusetts (which includes the Tufts Health Direct plan) should be aware of changes that pertain to the filling of Schedule II narcotic substance prescription.

  • A patient can request less than the prescribed amount of a Schedule II narcotic substance.
  • The patient may return to the same pharmacy, within 30 days, to fill the rest of their partially filled prescription without incurring any additional costs.

If you are unsure whether you are enrolled in a fully-insured plan, refer to your benefit documents (Summary of Benefits and Coverage, or Evidence of Coverage), or contact your group benefits administrator.