Alcohol + Substance Use Disorder Treatment

The right care is right here

Jetting off to a drug rehab program far, far away may be tempting. But it may not be your best bet for real, long-term success.

Local treatment programs offer many advantages:

  • Your personal support system can be involved in your care
  • You can stay in treatment longer if you need it
  • Nearby physicians and therapists can help you stay on track
  • Your Tufts Health Plan includes high-quality care options and resources, all covered

Let’s get going. Tomorrow can be better than you might imagine.

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Types of Treatment

For substance use disorder

Different types of treatments and services are effective in helping people recover from alcohol and substance use disorders.

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Support + Assistance

from Tufts Health Plan

Learn more about Tufts Health Plan's network, benefits and case management program.

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Addiction Treatment

How to find quality treatment

It can be overwhelming to know where to start if you need to find treatment for addiction.

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