Serious Illness and Condition Management

What happens if there's a serious illness/injury or chronic condition?

Sometimes people with a serious illness or injury, or perhaps a chronic condition, may benefit from being more carefully managed. If you’re a candidate and would like to participate, we’ll assign our own nurse care manager who can assist you with education, symptom management, prescription management and much more.

More About Condition Management

If you suffer from a severe illness or sustain a severe injury, or if you have an ongoing chronic condition like diabetes or asthma, you may be able to get valuable help by working with a nurse in Tufts Health Plan’s Complex and Chronic Care Management programs.

The goal of our care management is to help you:

  • Manage your health interests and goals
  • Implement your doctor’s plan of care

If you find you might need complex or chronic care management, contact us. A Tufts Health Plan nurse care manager will then get in touch with you to discuss health interests and goals, as well as any issues that might prevent you from being as healthy as possible, and from getting any health care you might need.

During the program, you and the nurse will work together to help you:

  • Learn about your illness and learn how to best take care of yourself
  • Manage symptoms of your illness
  • Learn about your medicines
  • Arrange care, including any community services that might be needed

Taking part in the program is always up to you. Your decision to take part or not take part in the program has no effect on your health care coverage or health benefits.

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