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Everyone has different needs when it comes to health care. That’s why we work hard to create affordable health plan options that will work for you. We offer Employer plans in Massachusetts and Rhode Island. Massachusetts residents may be eligible for our MassHealth and Medicare Plans. Tufts Health Plan's products are also available through the Massachusetts Health Connector.

We have you covered no matter what life stage or circumstance you are in. 

Here, learn about each of our plans, including how the plan works, information on accessing care, answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs), plan-specific doctor search tools, and much more.
Tufts Health Plan sells two different families of individual and small-group plans on the Massachusetts Health Connector – Direct and Premier.  

Direct offers low-cost ConnectorCare plans and federal premium tax credits to those who qualify; Premier offers access to the Tufts Health Plan’s standard network. Direct and Premier plans have different networks of doctors, which means some doctors may be in one network and not the other.  

Before choosing a plan, make sure your primary care provider (PCP), specialist, and/or behavioral health provider is in-network for that plan.

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