Introducing MyWire from Tufts Health Plan

Personalized Member Communication

No need to rifle through papers or roam around a website — your employees get the information that matters to them right at their fingertips.*

Did you know that 98% of mobile users read their text messages** and 62% of mobile users check their smartphone to get information about a health condition**?

That's why we now offer MyWire from Tufts Health Plan

Connected Member Experiences

MyWire is a secure communication channel allowing members (upon opt-in) to receive text messages from Tufts Health Plan. These text messages include a link to a personalized communication channel, where members can view the full message.


Employees can maximize their membership with important communications on their own personalized, HIPAA compliant, and secure channel:

  • Exclusive members-only discounts and tips
  • Quick access to plan resources, like the digital member welcome kit
  • Personalized health reminders, like annual visit or screening reminders
  • Member-specific messages based on health care needs and preferences
  • Adoption of our digital member tools that can help save time and money

Better-informed members are happier members who tend make better decisions, leading to better outcomes and lower costs.

Opting in

If you’re a new member who received an ID card – call the toll-free phone number on the card sticker to confirm receipt. Simply say “yes” to sign up for MyWire and we’ll text you a personalized link to get started. Or you can text “THP” to 73529 to enroll.

If you’re an existing member who did not receive a new ID card – simply text “THP” to 73529 to sign up today. It’s that easy!

*Does not apply to Tufts Health Direct, Tufts Health RITogether, Tufts Health Together, Tufts Health Unify, or Medicare plans
**Source: Pew Research Center

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