Tufts Health Plan's DailyEndorphin

Our Online Tool for Wellness Challenges

You want your total population as healthy as possible, and so do we. DailyEndorphin is a free online tool for all Tufts Health Plan clients to start and manage online exercise and wellness challenges. Easily set up either a team-based or individual-based health or fitness challenge for all employees in less than ten minutes—you can include their family members too. Participants can earn points for themselves or for their team—you decide. It’s a fun and engaging way that gets your total population moving, feeling better, and living healthier. If it’s a group challenge you’re looking for, either you or the participants themselves can set-up teams in the online tool.

Daily Endorphin Overview Brochure 

Step 1

Decide the points challenge you want:

  • Exercise - A minutes, points, or distance (meters, miles or yards) competition between groups or departments. Or, for those groups that are less competitive, set up a goal-oriented challenge for everyone to motivate each other at achieving their own goals. The goal challenge option is completely customizable.
  • Weight loss/management - Participants compete to see which individuals and/or teams can lose the highest percentage of body weight.
  • Steps (walking challenge) - Individuals and/or teams take steps towards achieving their own distance goals. Set weekly point goals to keep everyone motivated.
  • Wellness — Individuals and/or teams focus on specific wellness behaviors. Reward successful participants for points earned by getting 7-9 hours of sleep, connecting with family, limited personal screen time and lots more.
  • Points & “Hybrid” Lifestyle - This is our most versatile and popular challenge. Participants earn points for completing both health and wellness behaviors like limiting alcohol, finding some “me time”, eating fruits and veggies or a balanced breakfast and lot more.

Step 2

Incentives are a proven strategy to increase participation. Decide what motivates your population and tie your incentive to the reporting system.

Step 3

Determine the start and end dates for your challenge – they can be whatever or whenever you want.

Step 4

Access the DailyEndorphin Challenge Tool to set up your personal Tufts Health Plan DailyEndorphin account, follow the short and easy steps to set up the challenge of your choice and get started.


Tufts Health Plan DailyEndorphin’s reporting system consists of live real-time individual reports, a complete challenge (team & individual) leaderboard standings page, a weekly overall team report, and a final detailed challenge report once the challenge ends.

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