How Tufts Health Plan Built a “Culture of Health”

At Tufts Health Plan, Wellness is an Ongoing Effort.

Every day, our wellness programs reinforce the importance of living a healthy lifestyle and help us maintain a “culture of health” at our company.

Our company’s wellness effort, launched in 2005, is overseen by Human Resources with support from Real Estate (facilities), Corporate Communications and the café vendor.  Leaders from throughout the company are frequent participants in wellness activities, which lends credibility to the program and encourages employees to take part.  Ultimately, our goal is to make wellness easy for our employees. With the variety, frequency and convenience of our programs, there is something for everyone.

Below are some of the ways Tufts Health Plan maintains a company-wide culture of health. You can adopt many of these programs at your own company!

  • Our vending machines and our café offer a variety of healthy choices.
  • Salad bar and fruit bar costs are subsidized by Tufts Health Plan.
  • The headquarters offers free bicycle storage, multiple walking routes, four sit-to-walk workstations and an outdoor fitness park.
  • The CEO hosts employee award ceremonies for the annual Team Lean Challenge.
  • Tufts Health Plan’s headquarters houses a WorkingWell Center. This 12,100 square foot fitness facility hosts 30 group exercise classes each week, along with a free program for employees age 60+. Membership costs are subsidized by the company, and some 25% of our employees are members.
  • Our BeWell Center is our onsite health clinic. The center offers preventive and acute care, women’s health, disease management, lab services, wellness coaching, mobile flu shots and more – all at no cost to employees.
  • Plus, Tufts Health Plan offers:
    • Recreational events and leagues
    • Onsite weight management/nutrition education sessions
    • Mind-body well-being program (mindfulness sessions, recorded meditations, Quiet Room)
    • Behavioral change programs (e.g., Team Lean Challenge for healthy weight loss or Couch to 10K for increasing walk/run endurance)
    • Onsite garden/CSA
    • Online library of education and exercise videos for remote employees
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