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Why Register?

Powerful Transaction Capabilities

Our Web-based self-service application suite offers several transactions, including:

  • Claims status inquiry: Enter basic member or claim-specific data and obtain detailed claim status information
  • Eligibility and benefit inquiry: Enter basic member identification data and obtain a concise, online eligibility report and member-specific benefits
  • Referral submission: Submit referrals online directly to Tufts Health Plan and instantaneously receive a referral authorization
  • Referral inquiry: Check the status of submitted referrals and high-tech imaging authorizations
  • Inpatient notification requests: Obtain a real-time inpatient notification number instead of using the phone or fax
  • Online claim adjustments: Correct claims, submit payment disputes, and return funds
  • InterQual® SmartSheets™: Access criteria to support care planning and level-of-care decisions and SmartSheets to request prior authorization for some services
  • Clinical Quality Management reporting to track patient disease management

Get Registered:

Go to the provider log in page  and click "provider registration". After the brief overview, click “continue” and enter the on-line registration information. You will need the following information:

  • NPI (National Provider Identification)
  • One of the following, not both:
    • Tax ID number (group registrations only)
    • Social Security Number (individual registrations only)

Complete, fax or mail the authorization form provided upon conclusion of your online registration.

  • All fields must be completed for processing
  • Form must be signed by an Officer (an individual empowered to bind the organization in this legal agreement such as President, CEO, CFO, etc.)
  • For Individual Provider registrations,
       the Provider must sign the form.

Use your temporary user name and password (emailed to you within 2-3 business days) to complete your on-line registration.

Got questions?

Call Provider Services at 888.884.2404 
weekdays 8:30am - 5:00pm. 
Or email us for technical assistance.

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