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We understand the health benefits landscape is changing fast—and you need to stay informed. That’s why we regularly bring you Marketplace Update and News for Brokers, two newsletters filled with information on everything from benefit changes and new products to regulatory updates and industry trends.

Marketplace Update for employers

This quarterly newsletter is your source for news that affects our large and small group clients, including plan and pharmacy changes, regulatory updates and insights, and more. In addition, there are updates about our community activities and downloadable materials to promote health benefits around the workplace.

Our monthly newsletter just for brokers

This monthly publication provides our valued brokers with the latest information about everything from product updates and small group rates to pharmacy changes and member digital tools. We also include sales tools to help brokers provide the latest Tufts Health Plan content to their clients and prospects.



Because when employees are healthy and happy, their employer benefits too—from better workplace morale, increased productivity, and controlled costs.

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