Tufts Health Plan Enhances New Member Onboarding Experience

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October 23, 2021  

Our new member communications and resources offer lots of information to your employees to help them maximize their health plan benefits and navigate our member tools. At Tufts Health Plan, we believe early and ongoing communications are vital to helping your employees have a smooth transition to our health plans.

The goal of these communications is to empower your employees by providing access to quick and relevant information throughout the first several weeks of their enrollment to help them better understand plan benefits, clinical programs, support resources, and member engagement tools. Here is a summary:

  1. Shortly after their effective date, new members will receive a welcome postcard to activate their online account for quick, secure access to their individual health plan information. They can view their coverage and benefits, find a doctor, or estimate their out of pocket cost.
  2. Next, they will begin to receive a series of text-based messages highlighting virtual care options, wellness, behavioral health, member perks and more!
  3. In addition, we have developed a special new member section of our public web site – full of valuable information and tools to ease any concerns.
  4. Each quarter, your employees will receive our member newsletter Well! – chock full of healthy recipes, preventive health articles, access to new services and more.

We are committed to helping each new member feel welcome, supported, and informed on all our programs, services and benefits to stay healthy and happy.

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Because when employees are healthy and happy, their employer benefits too—from better workplace morale, increased productivity, and controlled costs.

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