2020 Brings Benefit Changes and Updates

Our benefits are evolving to meet members’ needs

January 27, 2020  

Among the annual benefit changes and updates for 2020, we’ve added a new benefit for acupuncture visits. In addition, members can now access US-based, board-certified providers for general medical needs and diagnoses from anywhere in the world – at no cost.1 These are just two of the multiple changes and updates you should know about.


We now contract with acupuncturists to provide unlimited coverage. The cost-share is the PCP or Specialist cost-share. This benefit is in addition to the existing acupuncture discount.

  • Standard for all fully-insured groups
  • No limit on visits or dollar amount
  • No member prior authorizations or referrals required when visiting a Tufts Health Plan provider

We encourage employers to share this new acupuncture benefit flyer with their employees.

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Telehealth – powered by Teladoc®

Tufts Health Plan launched its telehealth solution in 2018. It is available to members in fully-insured commercial accounts, and members who are part of a self-funded employer group that has purchased this optional benefit.1 Telehealth enables members to get care anytime, anywhere in the world at no cost for non-emergency general medical conditions, including cold and flu symptoms, allergies, sinus infections and sore throats. Behavioral health and dermatology specialists are also available to members throughout the United States – at no cost, however they are not yet available globally.

Find more information about Telehealth on our website.

Other benefit changes and updates

  • Enteral Formula Coverage - Now covered in full on all plans, except Saver.2
  • Low Cost Generic Medication Program - Standard on all plans except Premier Bronze 3500.
  • Tooth Removal - Expanded coverage for surgical removal of impacted or unerupted teeth when embedded in the bone, and performed in an office setting. No prior authorization required; standard on all plans.
  1. Excluding Tufts Health Direct members . Saver plan members are covered in full after their deductible is met. Phone access is only available for everyday care and behavioral health services.
  2. Saver plan members will be covered in full, after their deductible is met.



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