Reducing Health Care Costs in Rhode Island

Tufts Health Plan has formally signed a commitment to work toward reducing health care costs

January 01, 2019  

Tufts Health Plan President and CEO Tom Croswell joined other health care leaders in Providence, R.I., on December 19, 2018, to formally sign a commitment to work toward reducing health care costs.

Earlier this year, at Rhode Island Gov. Gina Raimondo’s direction, the state’s Office of Health and Human Services and Office of Health Insurance Commissioner convened the Rhode Island Health Care Cost Trends Steering Committee. Comprising health plans, providers, business groups, policy leaders, and others, the committee seeks to establish an annual health care cost growth target, similar to the one created in Massachusetts several years ago.

The result of this work is a four-year agreement (“compact”) to analyze trends in health care spending and delivery, and to develop recommendations for actions to achieve a growth target of 3.2 percent or less. This is an important step forward for Rhode Island and we are pleased to participate in an initiative that will benefit Rhode Island’s citizens.



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