Our New Online Member Welcome Kit is Here!

Members have access to a website that's unique to their plan

March 01, 2018  

We’ve redesigned our Member Welcome Kit for 2018—putting it online and making to it easier for members to get the benefit information they need. Our previous welcome packet—known to many as the “e-kit” —was mailed to members’ homes in a USB card carrier. But now with the new online Welcome Kit, members have access to a website that’s unique to their plan. They simply log on and access easy-to-navigate sections such as:

  • How your plan works
  • Understanding common insurance terms
  • Ways to save money on health care
  • Using our latest digital tools—from our free mobile app to an enhanced cost-transparency tool
  • And much more

Advantages of New Kit

  • It’s easier for you to distribute the kit to new clients once they are set up with their plan.
  • Members can easily download, print or share information via email directly from the kit.
  • We can track which sections of the kit members use most and adjust content as necessary.
  • The kit is easily updated to reflect new benefits, discounts or other member information as it becomes available.

It Arrives with a Splash

Even as we move into a digital world, there’s still nothing like the feel of a printed piece of mail. That’s why members will receive notice of their kit with a beautiful direct-mail piece sent to their home address. The mailer stresses the importance of going online to interact with their kit, and lists the plan-unique website they need to visit.

Although you have to see the actual direct-mailer to appreciate it, we’ve attached an image for your reference—along with a sample website for the Member Welcome Kit. We think you’ll agree the new kit marks a major step forward in increasing member engagement in their health plan!

sample of welcome kit direct mail piece



Because when employees are healthy and happy, their employer benefits too—from better workplace morale, increased productivity, and controlled costs.

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