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5 disease management clinical enhancements for members

October 01, 2018  

We’re continually enhancing our clinical programs to help members achieve their optimal health. Below is an overview of the key improvements we’ve recently made to our disease management program.

Virtual Coaching on the Member Health Portal

Our Take Charge of Your Health Virtual Coaching program helps members with chronic medical conditions better manage their health through adherence and personal wellness strategies. Virtual Coaching provides access to a series of online, interactive programs that can put members on the path toward meeting their health-related goals. They can learn and work on their goals at their own pace and at a time that works best for them.

A coaching module for members with diabetes has already been launched, while another one for hypertension will be available later in 2018.

Post-Call Summary

For our disease management programs, care managers have an initial assessment call with the member. After the assessment call is completed, a post-call summary (or Individual Care Plan) will now be posted on the member health portal for the member’s reference.

Online Remote Monitoring Data

Members who use our remote monitoring tablets will have access to their historical biometric data and symptom answers on the member health portal. The remote monitoring page of the health portal will provide a graphical representation of data and trending indicators.

Call Me

This option allows members who are enrolled in a disease management program to immediately schedule a call if they have missed a telephonic session with their coach. They can request a call during normal business hours by simply clicking a button in the member health portal.



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