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Some days are really hard

Tufts Health One Care (Medicare-Medicare) helps her be as healthy as possible

Jen injured her back when she was hit by a drunk driver 15 years ago. She still feels the lingering effects every day.

“There are some days where I'm just in bed, and that's the way it is, and then there are other days where I can go to physical therapy,” she says. “I can make that doctor's appointment”.

Her treatment has been a difficult road.

“There’s been a lot of pain doctors, a lot of medications and a lot of trial and error. Unfortunately, a lot of the treatment is painful. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't,” Jen says.

Her health worsens during the pandemic

Things were difficult for Jen during the pandemic, and she stopped going to the doctor.

“I was at a low spot,” Jen explains. “When you don't do the things you're supposed to do, it makes you a little bit lower. And then when the pain comes, it makes you a little bit lower. So it was hard to find that motivation and to push to make those doctor's appointment to come out of that low point.”

Her outlook improved when enrolled in Tufts Health One Care.

“I now have a go-to person,” she says. “Somebody who actually got to know me, which is wonderful. If I need anything, she's just right there, and she's put me in contact with so many people to help me with my needs. She let me know what was available to me. Any questions I have, I just shoot her a text and then I get a response.”

Jen says after telling her care coordinator that she was having trouble getting up from a seated position, the care coordinator sent her a recliner that would help with her mobility.

Taking steps in right direction

With her care coordinator’s support, Jen chose a primary care provider (PCP) to oversee her care. She hadn’t seen a PCP in years. She also made other needed appointments with the eye doctor, the dentist, etc.

“It's nice to have that push, and it's not at all forceful or anything like that,” she says. “It's very kind and just checking in and giving me referrals and references. It's nice knowing that if I'm not sure, there's a person to call.”

Jen says she appreciates being a member of Tufts Health One Care.

“The company has given me so much,” Jen says. “People don't talk about insurance, and I rave to my friends about my insurance. It is a different approach, and I'm so grateful for it.”