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Former chef struggled mentally and physically

His health plan got him on the road to better health

Carl T. was a chef for many years when he started having health issues. He had arthritis in both needs, struggled with obesity and had trouble with his mental wellness. When he was on multiple medications and started passing out at work, he left his job because he felt unsafe working in the kitchen. He had another health plan and didn’t think he was making any progress with his health.

Eventually, he enrolled in Tufts Health One Care, which combined his Medicare and MassHealth benefits into one plan. Carl says he loves the “bundling” of his two plans into one.

He started working with Cityblock Health. Tufts Health One Care is the only One Care plan that contracts with Cityblock to provide care management services to our One Care members.

“It's taking a lot of stress off me. Before I’d make a phone call, and they would tall tell me to call somewhere else. Now I just talk to my Cityblock person and he takes care of whatever has to be done. The Cityblock people made it a lot easier for me. They're very easy to talk to, and they listen to you. The personnel from Cityblock really lifted me.”

Once his mental wellness improved, his care team helped him quit his 50-year smoking habit.

“Now we’ve got to work on a couple other issues one step at a time. That's the way I have to take it right now,” Carl says. “I think we’re going to get there because I’m in a better place.”