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The Power of Being Able

Many of our Tufts Health One Care (Medicare-Medicaid) members deal with complex health issues every day.
Here, some of our members share personal stories about how they manage their health and demonstrate the power of being able.
Young grandmother thrives with Tufts Health One Care

Christina H. is a mother of two and a grandmother of five boys. She tells us about her health challenges and how Tufts Health One Care helps her manage her health.

Watch the video to learn more about Christina and her story.

Spider bite leads to years of health problems

Lowell resident Dennis L. is dealing with serious health problems. It all started more than a decade ago when he was enjoying his favorite pastime.

Watch the video to find out what happened to Dennis and how he is coping today.

Cancer survivor relies on care team

Easter B., is a cancer survivor who is also coping with scoliosis and arthritis.

One of the things she appreciates about Tufts Health One Care is the personal attention she gets from her care team.

How does Tufts Health One Care change people’s lives?

Members share their thoughts and experiences.

Former chef improves emotionally and physically

Carl T. had a busy job as a chef in a restaurant when his health started deteriorating.

He says Tufts Health One Care helped lift him from what he called a “bad place.” Carl says his care team helped with his mental wellness and how they are working with him on his physical health.

Changing health plans lead to big changes

A car accident 15 years ago left Jen C. with back problems that got progressively worse.

Today, she lives with degenerative disc disease and arthritis in her back. She switched to Tufts Health One Care in 2023, and says that change has been a positive one.

Member finds that trust makes a difference

Kestrell V. is blind and has other chronic conditions.

Despite being an accessibility consultant, she says she often didn’t understand what she calls the “language of health care.”  Find out why Kestrell says Tufts Health One Care makes it easier for her to manage her conditions and get the care she needs.

The Power of Tufts Health One Care

We want our members to feel seen, heard and understood

We strive to create imagery and videos that represent our Tufts Health One Care members with significant health and economic challenges, so we held a photo and video production throughout Boston. Find out what made the production so unique.

Tufts Health One Care is for people 21 to 64 who have both MassHealth and Medicare.

Tufts Health One Care is for people 21 to 64 who have both MassHealth and Medicare. Many of our members have apparent and/or non-apparent disabilities and/or chronic health conditions. We work with our members to help them live as fully and independently as possible.