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Let's Take On Type 2 Diabetes

Join Onduo at no extra cost as part of your healthcare plan

About Onduo

A virtual care program for people living with Type 2 diabetes

Available at no additional cost, Onduo helps its members manage their Type 2 diabetes and live life without diabetes getting in the way. Watch our webinar or read the fact sheet to learn more.

Diabetes and Your Health Webinar
Learn About Onduo Webinar
Type 2 Diabetes Fact Sheet

GIC Onduo webinar cover slide

Live Freely

You’ll get a blood glucose meter and unlimited test strips, access to the Onduo app, which helps turn you glucose data into an easy health plan, and more. 

Earn Rewards

Get new diabetes tools, the Onduo app, and access to diabetes experts. Earn up to $150 by performing the following activities:

$50 Gift Card

Provide an A1c test result to Onduo either by:

  1. Taking the A1c test provided in your welcome kit by Onduo, OR
  2. Providing a recent lab test ordered/performed through your physician's office to your Onduo coach

$100 Gift Card

  1. Provide a Blood Glucose (BG) value either via the paired BGM provided by Onduo OR by manually entering a BG in the Onduo app at a minimum of once a month for the first three (3) months of enrollment in the program, AND
  2. Interact with your Onduo coach at a minimum of once a month for the first three (3) months of enrollment in the program.

Live Confidently

Get recipes, workout tips, and insights from nutritionists and certified diabetes educators.