The National Imaging Associates (NIA) High-Tech Imaging Prior Authorization Program applies to Tufts Health Plan Commercial products* and Tufts Health Public Plans products**.

*Commercial products include HMO, POS, PPO and Tufts Health Freedom Plan
**Tufts Health Public Plans products include Tufts Health Direct, Tufts Health RITogether, Tufts Health Together – MassHealth MCO Plan and Accountable Care Partnership Plans, and Tufts Health Unify

The following services require prior authorization through NIA’s High-Tech Imaging program. Ordering providers must obtain authorization before requesting outpatient high-tech imaging services. Depending on the member’s plan, providers must contact either National Imaging Associates (NIA) or Cigna.
  • To obtain and verify authorizations or access medical necessity guidelines, log in to RadMD or call 866.642.9703 for Commercial products or 800.207.4209 for Tufts Health Public Plans products.
  • Providers in MA can fax the appropriate standard imaging form to NIA at 866.642.9703.
  • Authorizations can also be verified through the secure Provider website via the Referral Inquiry screen — authorizations viewed in this screen are for the service only and do not replace any required referrals to specialists. Authorization numbers beginning with a Y are approved; numbers beginning with an N are denied.

Note: The NIA High-Tech Imaging program does not apply to members of Tufts Medicare Complement, Commercial PPO plans with a PHCS or Cigna network, CareLinkSM, Uniformed Services Family Health Plan (USFHP), Tufts Medicare Preferred HMO, Tufts Medicare Preferred Supplement, or Tufts Health Plan Senior Care Options.

CareLink Members

  • To obtain and verify authorizations: ordering providers are required to call Cigna at 800.244.6224 prior to scheduling high-tech imaging services. All rendering physicians are responsible for ensuring approved authorization before rendering services.
  • Refer to the Cigna website for more information about medical necessity criteria for high-tech imaging.