Workplace Equity

Tufts Health Plan serves a diverse range of members and communities. We strive to reflect that same diversity in our employee population.

But equity is about more than just diversity. We’re actively working to increase representation of Black and Latinx individuals among our leadership and have implemented policies and programs to address microaggressions, racism and bias in the workplace.

Diversity chart showing Gender Diversity 32% Male 68% Female and Racial Diversity 17% Leadership and 32% Staff Diversity

Building more representative leadership

Our Diverse Slate Policy requires that people of color be included in our hiring process for all positions at the manager level or above. The policy has led to increases in nonwhite diverse representation in candidate pools, qualified interviewees and eventual diverse hires. Since 2015, our diverse talent at the leadership level has increased by 48%.

Policies and training that foster a more inclusive workplace

  • We recently updated our discrimination and harassment policy to ensure we’re addressing discrimination based on race and are improving processes to make it easier to report discrimination anonymously.
  • Nearly 100% of employees have participated in one of the seven courses in our Cultural Competence Training. Top completed courses include Unconscious Bias and Creating a Welcoming Environment for LGBTQ Individuals.
  • Anti-racism Training was completed in early 2021 by all employees.

Group photo of Employees at Training

Anti-Racism, Mentoring and Courageous Conversations

Our multicultural business resource group, Mosaic, has taken a leadership role in Tufts Health Plan’s anti-racism work, launching a mentoring program for Black employees, planning regular and courageous race-related conversations, and establishing an anti-racism taskforce.

Unconscious Bias Day

In 2019, we launched our first ever Unconscious Bias Day, an annual program designed to recognize biases in the workplace, drive meaningful change through candid conversations, and generate ideas and solutions to advance diversity and inclusion. Our CEO, Tom Croswell, was one of the early U.S. signatories to the CEO Action for Diversity & Inclusion™ pledge in 2017.

Business Resource Groups

Tufts Health Plan employees have created five Business Resource Groups: Mosaic (Multicultural), Women Together, Prism (LGBTQ+), Parallel (Disabilities) and Veterans. About 25% of our workforce is involved in one or more groups.

Images of the names of the 5 Business Resource Groups

Multicultural service program

Tufts Health Plan, in collaboration with Bunker Hill Community College, created a training and certification program for bilingual member services representatives, based on cultural sensitivity techniques and health insurance vocabulary. The program fosters enhanced direct member experience and improved cultural interactions, and reduces our reliance on third party translation services.