Health Equity

Addressing health care disparities that affect our members and the community at large

Communities of color face disproportionate challenges and barriers when it comes to getting quality health care. As a result, Black and Latinx individuals tend to suffer poorer health outcomes than Whites from many chronic conditions, including cardiovascular disease, cancer, asthma and diabetes¹. COVID-19 has further exacerbated these disparities, underlining the need for systemic change.

At Tufts Health Plan, we actively collect data to better understand how our members use health care. We have also established a Health Equity Committee to design, monitor and evaluate programs to support our diverse members. We believe that understanding and addressing differences in health status, access and quality of care in the communities we serve is critical to our mission of improving health outcomes for everyone.

Programs designed to promote health equity

We’re taking proactive steps to right the wrongs of health care inequality.

Image of a Doula and a mom
Doula Program

To help address disparities in infant and maternal mortality and premature births we have designed a program to provide expectant and new mothers in our Medicaid plans with a trained doula to support and guide them during and after their pregnancy, at no cost.

Image of a woman looking on her phone

In Rhode Island, Tufts Health Plan offers a program to help inform new members of covered benefits and answer questions in the member’s language of choice, using mobile text message technology. ConsejoSano² offers 15 languages, including community-specific engagement for cultural sensitivities.

Image of healthy eating and a phone showing an app
Good Measures

This personalized, mobile text-based nutrition coaching program, available at no cost to Medicaid plan members, helps members make healthy eating choices and exercise more, with support from a professional dietitian.


Image of hands with a panted rainbow heart on them.
Transgender Health Services

Tufts Health plan recognizes the difficulties transgender members face, including stigma and discrimination. We work with community providers to enhance service and support for our transgender members at any stage of their journey.

  2. Tufts Health Plan has a minority ownership interest in ConsejoSano.