Free Well-Being Webinar Series

For Tufts Health Plan members

Please join us each Wednesday for a new webinar focused on maintaining your well-being through the COVID-19 pandemic.

Previous webinars

Mindfulness for Resiliency

Presented July 29, 2020

Resiliency is the key to handling mental, physical and emotional stressors. This webinar will explore the role of mindfulness in building resiliency. You’ll learn what mindfulness is and how it can help reduce stressors in your daily life. You’ll have the opportunity to participate in at least 2 different mindfulness activities and will leave with practical tips on how to move forward in this unprecedented time.

woman taking a break at home

BBQ Cooking Demo

Presented July 22, 2020

Join us as we prepare some healthy foods on the grill. Learn some tips and tricks to make grilling not only healthier but also delicious! During this cooking demonstration, watch our presenter grill some veggies, make a delicious sauce, and prepare a protein. Mix up your favorite mocktail, and tune in! 

man grilling

Optimizing Sleep

Presented July 8, 2020

A pillar of health that can help boost our immune system is sleep; however, in today’s uncertain world we may spend the night tossing and turning. In this webinar, you’ll learn some tips and tools to help you get a better night’s sleep tonight!

woman sleeping

Family Friendly Fitness

Presented July 1, 2020

Working out doesn’t have to mean going to a gym alone, and in these times that may not even be an option. Katie Wason, a personal trainer and yoga instructor, has worked with kids and adults of all ages. In this session, she’ll help you get your whole family moving by guiding you through a fitness routine appropriate for multiple generations! This active class will be split into two 20-minute sessions – one that’s appropriate for younger children and another that’s appropriate for older children.

family exercising

Preventing the Quarantine 15

Presented June 24, 2020

Whether you call it “Pandemic Pounds” or the “Stay at Home 7”, many people have found that they’re not eating as healthfully during these times. This seminar reviews practical tips to help you prep your meals, eat healthier and manage stress eating to get through this period without gaining weight!

healthy cooking

Healthy Back Stretches

Presented June 17, 2020

Back pain is one of the most common ailments in our society, and you may be experiencing some new aches and pains since working from home. This webinar reviews the characteristics and functions of a healthy spine and how it affects other parts of the body. We’ll demonstrate a series of gentle exercises that promote back flexibility and strengthen the muscles surrounding the spine. We’ll focus on proper alignment to help prevent future injury and alleviate stress on the major joints of the body.

woman strecthing

Recovery 2.0

Presented June 10, 2020

During the “Importance of Recovery” webinar on May 20th, we received some great questions about the strategies you can implement to relax physically and mentally. In this webinar, Kerry McGinn returns to demonstrate some of those strategies, ranging from short practices to longer experiences and from mindfulness to gentle movements.

man relaxed at home

Managing Parenting Overload

Presented June 3, 2020

This program is geared towards parents who are trying to be both full-time parents and full-time employees, especially while working from home. Participants will leave the webinar with knowledge about managing stress and feeling confident in their parenting abilities.

mom at home with son

From Pantry to Table

Presented May 27, 2020

The grocery store chicken shelves are empty. Your Instacart shopper brings you cabbage instead of lettuce. Produce - fresh and frozen - is hit or miss. Cooking during a pandemic is a new one for most of us. Learn simple swaps and changes you can make when the grocery store isn't cooperating with your meal planning and cooking.

woman cooking at home

Importance of Recovery

Presented May 20, 2020

Exercise routines, work, family life, household tasks - the stressors can add up, and that’s only scratching the surface. In modern day, your body and mind can be under a lot of different kinds of stress on a daily basis. How do you recover? In this webinar, you’ll learn what recovery really means, the importance of recovery and how to use simple habits, hacks, rituals and routines to improve your recovery and therefore improve your performance in life.

woman stretching at home

Computer Ergonomics

Presented May 13, 2020

Are you experiencing some new aches and pains since working from home? Not sure what to do about it? This session will go over how to set up your workspace to best optimize what you have at home, so you can feel good in your body and be as productive as possible. This webinar will review common complaints and how to solve them. There will be a Q&A at the end.

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