Department Spotlight: Member and Provider Services, Tufts Health Public Plans

The Member and Provider Services department at Tufts Health Public Plans is responsible for providing our plan members and health care providers with the answers, information and resources they need, by phone, online, and even face-to-face. Whether it’s eligibility, benefits or claims, our team members go above and beyond to make sure the person or practice they’re working with has a positive experience.

Member and Provider Image

What’s it like working in Member and Provider Services at Tufts Health Public Plans?

  • Service-Oriented: Our work is rooted in a strong commitment to keeping members and providers happy, backed by an equally strong commitment to supporting each other in our work.
  • Diverse: Our team members bring diverse talents, backgrounds and experiences to the table, which they put to work in a broad range of functions—from communicating changes and updates to members, to assisting members with their prescription needs, to working through complex claims issues with providers.
  • Driven: There’s a sense of urgency and excitement in our work. We’re not just answering calls or triaging member requests to our partner departments for resolution; we’re helping people save money and, in some cases, save lives. We’re problem-solvers and critical thinkers with our sights set on the big picture.

Words that describe our team members:

Self-motivated. Compassionate. Energetic. Collaborative. Positive.