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Department Spotlight: Information Systems

The IS department at Tufts Health Plan manages and supports every aspect of technology at Tufts Health Plan, from infrastructure and core systems, to the intranet and the public-facing website, to the applications that our employees rely on every day. Information Systems is what makes it possible for Tufts Health Plan to serve its members, support its providers, and innovate to make health care more accessible and affordable.

What’s it like working in Information Systems at Tufts Health Plan?

  • Exciting: Like technology, the health care industry is constantly changing. With that change come new opportunities for our teams to put their knowledge and expertise to work. 
  • Dynamic: We embrace change, both as a department and as individuals. We’re always on the lookout for ways to innovate and improve, and we work together to overcome the obstacles.
  • Rewarding: The open, collaborative culture of Tufts Health Plan as an organization means that we’re appreciated for the ways we bring value to the business and make life easier for our fellow employees. 

Words that describe our team members:

Smart. Strategic. Collaborative. Friendly. Diverse.