Department Spotlight: Finance

Finance is critical to helping Tufts Health Plan carry out its mission, and relies on a talented team of analysts, accountants, actuaries and other finance professionals. We’re forward-looking in our approach, embracing new technologies that improve the way we work, celebrating our diverse skills and backgrounds, and supporting our employees’ professional growth.

What’s it like working in Finance at Tufts Health Plan?

  • Fast-paced. Filing and reporting deadlines keep us on our toes, and there are times when the pace of work can be intense, but managers always have their employees’ backs. It’s a can-do, not cutthroat, culture.
  • A team effort. Our roles, responsibilities, and skill sets vary widely, but we work as one team, jumping in to help each other when needed, pulling together during crunch times, sharing expertise, and brainstorming solutions.
  • Growth-oriented. Professional development is supported and actively encouraged for finance employees at Tufts Health Plan. At any given time, there are team members working toward graduate degrees or certifications or taking advantage of company-sponsored enrichment opportunities, with the full support of their managers.

Words that describe our team members: 

Self-motivated. Focused. Hardworking. Collaborative. Knowledgeable.