Department Spotlight: Call Center

The call center at Tufts Health Plan is the most important point of connection between our organization and our members. Every day, our member services representatives, supervisors, and managers work together to answer our members’ questions, help them connect with the care they need, and ensure that their experience with Tufts Health Plan is a positive one.

Call Center Image

What’s it like working in Call Center Operations at Tufts Health Plan?

  • Focused: Our team members are agile and knowledgeable, navigating between different systems and topics, tracking down answers and resources, multitasking, fine-tuning their skills, and staying up to speed on plans, policies and procedures.
  • Supportive: Empathy and understanding are essential when it comes to health care. Our team members have a passion for helping people—and it’s reflected in how we interact with each other, too. Teamwork is what makes us tick. 
  • Balanced: Our work can be fast-paced and intense, particularly during enrollment-period (October through March). But we also encourage our staff to take part in team social and volunteer events, as well as company-wide happenings and events. It’s why our longevity rate is high and our burnout rate is low.

Words that describe our team members:

Positive. Patient. Diverse. Self-Motivated. Resourceful.