Fourth-Quarter Deductible Rollover

Part of Our Non-Saver Plan Designs

Fourth-quarter deductible rollover* may help members save money when they need services at the start of a new benefit year. This means that the amount spent toward the deductible in the last three months of the current benefit year “rolls over” and applies to the deductible for the next benefit year as well. As a result, the member starts the next benefit year with a lower deductible to meet than they normally would have, which may help them save money when services are needed at the start of a new benefit year.

How Fourth-Quarter Deductible Rollover Works

In the example below, the member paid $800 of their $2,000 deductible in the fourth quarter of the current benefit year. The $800 rolls over and applies to their deductible for the next benefit year. Therefore, they will not have the burden of paying their full $2,000 deductible in the next benefit year—they will only have to pay $1,200.

Deductibles Tracked Online

Members can track the progress toward their deductible on (our secure member portal) with their deductible tracker (accumulator).


*Fourth-quarter deductible rollover applies to non-Saver plans; it does not apply to HSA-compatible Advantage Saver plans.

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