Expanding New Digital Care Options

Initiative focuses on continued access to care and avoiding costly health issues

February 22, 2021  

Our members have resoundingly embraced virtual care during the pandemic, making the potential for other uses of digital technology greater than ever, now and in the future. At Tufts Health Plan, we’re responding by piloting new approaches that allow members to continue to access the care and support they need, which helps to avoid long-term, more costly health issues.
Launched last year, our Digital Health Initiative is designed to drive collaboration with emerging health care technology companies that offer innovative models of care. The initiative is assessing these approaches through limited-access trials at no additional cost.
To date, we have collaborated with vendors to provide online programs and applications in the following targeted areas of care1:

Musculoskeletal Care

  • Kiio for Tufts Health Plan is an online application focused on managing and improving low back pain. Select Tufts Health Plan members gain access to a combination of artificial intelligence and virtual coaching. Kiio provides engaging, personalized care that is optimized to support their musculoskeletal health.
  • Physera (by Omada) for Tufts Health Plan is an online physical therapy application that connects program participants with live, licensed physical therapists. Participants receive personalized care and ongoing support to reduce pain and work toward lasting relief.

Smoking cessation

  • Pivot for Tufts Health Plan is a personalized, app-based approach to reduce smoking gradually, instead of quitting “cold turkey.” Pivot differs from traditional smoking cessation programs by allowing participants to set their own goals and pace, with no pressure to quit smoking or set a quit date. Participants are provided with access to virtual, human coaching and immersive in-app games and activities. They can also track their progress with Pivot’s innovative mobile breath sensor, which measures the carbon monoxide level in their lungs.

Behavioral Health and Wellness

  • The newest program, Happify for Tufts Health Plan, offers access to a self-care, mental wellness platform that provides cognitive behavioral therapy and eight behavior change disciplines to reduce stress, anxiety, and depressive symptoms. Offered in both website and app form, Happify features more than 60 digital tracks (four-week programs) and 3,000 science-based activities and games that are customized to support a broad range of user needs.
  1. The above online programs and applications are available to select, fully insured commercial members only, excluding Tufts Health Direct.



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